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  • ESR Pipette

    The VESR Pipette eliminates blood transfer, splashing, spraying and aerosol hazards making it an optimum choice for ESR testing in the laboratory. The VESR Pipette is marked from 0 to 180 mm and features a unique fibrous filter located at the zero mark. The plug is specifically designed to be self sealing aerosol barrier. The VESR expresses in mm per hour the rate at which red blood cells settle when anti-coagulated blood is allowed to stand in a narrow tube(Westerngren). It is measured by the height of the column of clear plasma at the end of one hour.

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    Hitachi Cup

    Levram’s multi-purpose sample cups are designed for use in diagnostic centres/labs & hospitals. The sample cups are made with precise specifications, thus provides excellent optical properties.

  • Hypodermic Needle

    Levram’s Hypodermic Needle commonly known as Multi-Sample Needles(MSN) are sterile and are used for blood collection. The uniquely sharpened bevel smoothens the venipuncture method, in comparison to other needles pain is considerably reduced. It results in minimal tissue damage and thrombosis. A special design of rubber sleeve helps in collecting blood in multiple tubes in single venipuncture.

  • Micro Centrifuge Tube

    V-LOCK Microcentrifuge Tubes are primarily utilized for centrifugation to test samples in order to separate two immiscible solutions or for precipitation of solute from solvent, it is even utilized to store samples or for culture growth.

  • Pasteur Pipette

    Levram’s multi-purpose graduated Pasteur Pipette also referred as transfer pipettes, have their stems and bulbs in the form of a single piece made of soft plastic such as polyethelene. The bulb portion is thinner and therefore “squeezable”, which the pipette portion is thick enough to be rigid.

  • Petriplate

    Levram’s Petridish are designed for use on diagnostic/labs & hospitals. The petridishes are made with precise specifications, ths provides excellent optical properties.

  • Storage Vials

    Quickly identify samples with Storage Vials. Our Storage vials are strictly checked on various parameters to ensure accurate test results.